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Hello Hello!

I am Vinita - the artist who puts the crazy in That Crazy Doodler!

I was always inclined towards art since childhood but life happened and somewhere I paused my art journey. I went back seven years ago to realize just how passionate I am about art and started sparing some time everyday just for practicing. And thats when That Crazy Doodler was born!

I love to dabble into various mediums including gouache, watercolors and acrylics but Mandalas are what keep me grounded- there is magic in the mindfulness of Mandalas

Over the years I have collaborated with various brands like Google, Amazon, HP for their creative campaigns on social media.

I am a Brand Educator for Daniel Smith art materials and I teach art on multiple platforms including Skillshare.

If you have an interesting project in mind or if you would like to collaborate with me for something creative , please drop a mail using the link below. 

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